• Unity Rounded Image Maker
    If you are using Unity, you know its power on cross platforms. Especially ios and android. But currently it does not have great ui creation. There are lots of great packages in Asset Store. If you need advanced ui for your app, you can definitely can buy one. In this post, I will try to… Continue reading Unity Rounded Image Maker
  • GLTF to GLB Packer
    In previous post, I shared Online GLB to USDZ Converter. There is one other export type called (.gltf). It is JSON formatted 3D model type. You can change textures after you exported 3d model. But if you want to convert it to .usdz or use it one file, you have to pack it as .glb… Continue reading GLTF to GLB Packer
  • Online GLB to USDZ Converter
    AR Quick Look helps iOS users to see 3D objects in AR. It’s a great application for users. Downside is many 3D softwares do not export AR Quick Look format (USDZ). So I decided to make a solution for this. Unity(Plugin) and Blender has GLB export option. After making your models and scenes in 3D… Continue reading Online GLB to USDZ Converter