Unity Rounded Image Maker

If you are using Unity, you know its power on cross platforms. Especially ios and android. But currently it does not have great ui creation. There are lots of great packages in Asset Store. If you need advanced ui for your app, you can definitely can buy one. In this post, I will try to make little solution for rounded images. Rounded corners are beautiful. But right now you can not make rounded corners without shaders and plugins. Sometimes i make rounded corners images in photoshop then import it to Unity project. I believe this process is waste of time. So I decided to make rounded images in Unity Editor. I made simple editor script that can create image with rounded corners. You can checkout sample project in https://github.com/4litasci/Unity-Rounded-Image-Maker

Download Latest release on


After import .unitypackage, It will add menu button to Windows tab.
You can create specific image. If you select override texture, It will override the selected sprite. If you leave both override textures, It will create new image into your project.

I hope Unity publishes release version of UI Toolkit. So We don’t need this page 🙂


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